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Bamboo Flooring

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

What are some of the advantages of bamboo flooring?


Bamboo is an ideal flooring choice for those who want the appearance and durability of hardwood while taking advantage of the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Because bamboo is actually a type of grass, not wood, it continually regenerates itself -- replacing the reeds used to make your new floor over the course of just a few years, compared to the decades it can take for a single tree to reach its full height.


Bamboo flooring is made by mechanically slicing or shredding the fibers of the stalk, then gluing them together with a sticky resin at ultra-high heat. Once these fibers have been essentially baked into the resin, the resulting board is just as strong and scratch-resistant as solid hardwood.


This flooring also tends to be more water-resistant than other hardwoods (although it's still a good idea to promptly clean up any spills).


Bamboo flooring is also naturally resistant to insects, moisture, and mold - making this flooring option ideal to have anywhere in your home. The assurance of bamboo repelling insects and mold can help you have the peace of mind knowing that the quality of life in your home will not be harmed by you flooring purchase.


For more information on how bamboo flooring can impact your lifestyle, as well as information on any of the other products we provide, visit American Floor & Home Carpet One today! Located conveniently on Honolulu, our dedicated staff is excited to work with you. 





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