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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Honolulu, HI


Carpet is not only the sole soft-surface flooring option available, but its modern versions bring countless benefits. Just the mere thought of shopping for a new floor can be overwhelming, but once you discover all that carpet has to offer, the exhaustion fades away. Today’s carpet brings incredible softness underfoot and can even reduce noise levels.


At American Floor & Home, we started from humble beginnings and have now become the leading provider of flooring in Honolulu, Kaneohe, Kailua, Mililani, and Aiea.


Why Shop Carpet with Us?

With our expansive showroom located in Honolulu, HI, we offer the largest selection of flooring options to cater to your specific needs.


We believe in making the shopping process easy and personalized by taking the time to understand you and your needs, making sure we find the perfect product for you. Our well-stocked warehouse allows for swift carpet installations, with your satisfaction always guaranteed.



Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet stands out in its own, offering incredible features that set it apart.


Carpet effortlessly creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making your guests feel like cherished family members. With a wide range of colors, designs, and styles available, we can easily match your existing decor. However, we understand that looks aren’t everything.


Modern carpet is quite the performer. Thanks to technological advancements and manufacturing techniques, we not only offer stunning materials, but also highly functional flooring options. This blend of beauty and function can truly transform a mere house into a comfortable home.


Can I Have Carpet if I Have Pets or Small Children?

Yes, you most certainly can!


Today there are plenty of stain-resistant carpets that can manage everything from pet accidents to chocolate milk spills. Durability reaches new heights with built-in stain protection embedded within the fibers of this flooring.


Unlike traditional carpets, stains no longer pose a daunting challenge. They can be easily cleaned off without seeping deep into the fibers, avoiding permanent eyesores. This built-in protection remains intact even after multiple cleanings, unlike surface-level treatments that tend to fade or wash away.



What About Allergies?

Sure, no problem!


For those with allergies in your household, hypoallergenic fibers are a noteworthy benefit. This type of carpet effectively traps allergens, keeping them locked away until you vacuum them up, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home environment for you and your loved ones to breathe easy.



Best Types of Carpet  

Carpet is made from fibers, and those fibers can have an enormous impact on how a carpet can look, feel, and perform in your home.

The most important decision you have is choosing the right carpet type for your home.

Synthetic carpet fibers include:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Triexta
  • Olefin


These fibers are made to be durable, and some even feature incredible built-in stain resistance. Prefer a natural fiber? Wool carpets have unique benefits: they’re both sound absorbent and hypoallergenic.

Piles are the fibers twisted up, which play a major role in the styling of the carpet. There are cut piles, loop piles, and even cut and loop piles. There are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.


Where Can I Install Carpet

Modern carpet is made to be durable and lived on, so many products are easy to clean and care for.

Carpet is traditionally installed in:


  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Offices
  • Family Rooms

Modern carpet can handle a lot more activity, though, and can be installed in children’s playrooms, staircases, and hallways. We also offer carpets that are resistant to staining, wear, and fade.

Those types of carpets can be installed in heavily trafficked areas like hallways and staircases. Be sure to stop in our showroom to see our complete collection of carpets and learn about our professional carpet installation options. 


Shop Carpet Near You in Honolulu, HI  


At American Floor & Home Carpet One, we take pride in our affiliation with the world's leading independent flooring cooperative. Our dedicated team is committed to meeting the unique carpet flooring requirements of both residential and commercial customers on the Island.

We invite you to visit our conveniently located showroom at 302 Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu, HI. Explore our extensive collection of the latest carpet products, designed to bring style and comfort of your space. Experience exceptional service and quality at American Floor & Home Carpet One, your trusted destination for all your carpet needs.

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Carpet Without Commitment- Try an Area Rug

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Bedroom with bed and window, grey carpeted floor

Best Carpet Trends

From eye-popping patterns to intriguing textures, modern carpet is always on point.
Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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