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Air Sanitizers

TPA Filtration System
Elminate Air Pollution, Kill Viruses


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One thing in common that the X8, X5 and X3 have is that they all use the same 5 Stage TPA filtration system to eliminate air pollution & kill viruses up to .0146 microns. (Coronavirus is .1 microns.)


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Airdog X3 Home Air Purifier

The X3 is lightweight, affordable and great for a room in a single-family household.

  • It cleans 800SF per hour
  • Perfect for bedrooms or small living spaces


Air Dog x3 air purifier white background



Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier

The X5 is the flagship unit; the first created.

  • Cleans up to 1400SF an hour
  • Air Quality sensor shows you the index number on the side of unit
  • Great for both businesses, schools and homes


Air Dog x5 air purifier white background



Airdog X8 Air Purifier

The X8 is the largest unit and the most powerful.

  • It can clean up to 3000SF an hour or 1000SF in 20 minutes
  • Has wheels to move around
  • Perfect for any business or multi-family home


Air Dog x8 air purifier white background



Airdog V5 Air Purifier

The V5 is made for cars, offices and small spaces

  • Plugs in to USB port or Car Lighter for power
  • Bring it with you from car to your office
  • It can clean up to 150SF an hour


Air Dog V5 air purifier white background



FitAir with Booster Battery

Made for everyone so that they can comfortably wear a mask.

  • Extended battery life up to 10 hours
  • Uses a HEPA system filter
  • It will create positive pressure in your mask so that contaminated air does not come into the mask around the edges
  • You can use this product with any mask


Woman wearing mask and FitAir from AirDog



SafeAir Air & Surface Sanitizer


  • Elminates Odors from Smoke, Pets, Cooking, Mildew and More!
  • Destroys Germs and Viruses in the Air & on Surfaces!
  • Small & Lightweight Size: 3.54" x 1.96" x 5.51", Weight: 0.44 lbs
  • Power by USB input or AC plug-in


SafeAir Sanitizer close up



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